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  • Kimono San
    They say BMW adaptive LED on them. Is it the ones with the line on the inner side of the lights towards the grills? The non-adaptive have the LEDs mounted on a plate at the top end of the headlight. The adaptive have them in the middle (horizontally) of the headlight.29 ago 2016
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  • How do I activate Mercedes Intelligent light?

    Part of a video titled How to Turn On or Off Inteligent Light System In Mercedes E Class
    Right now we have to pick on the lights. And as you can see when you are here we have to scroll downMoreRight now we have to pick on the lights. And as you can see when you are here we have to scroll down a little bit and we can find this option right here intelligent light system.
  • Do new cars come with LED headlights?

    Most new cars come with LED daytime running lights, but full LED headlights are not industry standard (yet). As manufacturers chase reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, easing the electrical strain on a car has become more important, and that is exactly what LED lights help do.
  • Does my C-class have ambient lighting?

    Standard with the C-Class Coupe and available with the C-Class Sedan, a panoramic moonroof sweeps across the interior to bathe driver and passengers alike in natural light. When the sun sets, an available multicolor LED ambient lighting system continues to let your vehicle stand out.
  • What do Audi laser headlights do?

    The car's optional LED Matrix headlights are the latest in high-illumination, low-energy technology. And they're kind of stylish, adding a distinctive signature look to the front of the car. They also have a cool new technology breakthrough: laser high beams. With them, the Audi can better illuminate dark roads.31 mar 2019
  • What is LED projector?

    The LED projector is a device that uses light-emitting diodes to project video content on a flat-screen. It guarantees top-class picture quality to users. Moreover, it eliminates the use of old halogen lamps for projecting content. iCODIS combines the functionality of LED projectors in small pocket-sized devices.3 dic 2019

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