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  • Christopher Bathelemeo
    2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. What are the differences between Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class Sedans? Just for starters: the E-Class Sedan has a higher starting price, more standard features, and more powerful available engines. Of course, there's more to this comparison than meets the eye.
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  • Will there be a 2023 G63?

    We've already spotted prototypes for an updated version of the standard G-Class, and now we have spy shots depicting a tester for the updated G63 from AMG. Both G-Class versions are expected to debut later this year as 2023 models, and prototypes for both are also featured in the video below.6 Apr 2022
  • How much horsepower is fast?

    Another issue is acceleration. The larger the engine, such as those in a performance car, the faster you can go from zero to 60 mph. All these factors determine what the horsepower of modern vehicles needs to be to operate efficiently and effectively. Right between 200 and 300 is a good amount of horsepower for a car.12 Sept 2021
  • What does Brabus mean?

    Brabus is a high-performance German aftermarket tuning, upfitting, and restoration brand that gives your Mercedes-Benz a unique style and exceptional performance and has been doing so for over 40 years.
  • Is Mercedes more reliable than BMW?

    As you can see, BMW scores much better than either Mercedes-Benz or Audi. Furthermore, it ranks far better than the industry average of 121 problems per 100 vehicles. While Mercedes is close to the industry average, Mercedes-Benz and Audi both rank lower than the average number of problems per 100 vehicles.
  • What car has the strongest engine?

    These Are The Most Powerful Engines Ever Fitted In Production...
    1. 1 Koenigsegg Gemera: 1700 Hp 3-Cylinder Engine.
    2. 2 AMG A45S: 416 Hp 4-Cylinder Engine. ...
    3. 3 Audi RS3: 400 Hp 5-Cylinder Engine. ...
    4. 4 Nismo GT-R: 600 Hp V6 Engine. ...
    5. 5 Koenigsegg Agera RS: 1341 Hp V8 Engine. ...
    6. 6 Zenvo TSR-S: 1176 Hp V8 Engine. ...
    17 Sept 2021

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