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  • Muhd FAiz
    Top 5 Fastest Car In The World In 2021
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    • Number 5: Porsche Carrera GT:
    • Number 4: Bugatti Veyron.
    • Number 3: Hennessy Venom GT.
    • Number 2: Koenigsegg Agera RS.
    • Number 1: SSC Tuatara.
    • Bonus: BMW sports car:
    29 Nov 2021
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  • What is the fastest American car?

    Fastest American Cars
    • SSC Tuatara - 282.9 mph.
    • Hennessey Venom GT - 270.49 mph.
    • SSC Ultimate Aero - 257.41 mph.
    • SCG 003S - 230 mph.
    • Ford GT - 216 mph.
    • Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1 - 212 mph.
    • Dodge Demon - 211 mph.
    • Dodge Viper ACR - 206 mph.
    18 Mar 2022
  • How fast is the AMG GTR?

    The AMG GT needs four seconds flat to go from zero to 62 mph, while the GT S completes the sprint in 3.8 seconds. Top speed is limited to 310 kph (193 mph) and 304 kph (189 mph), respectively.
    The engine is a "hot inside V" design.
    Engine4.0-liter V-8
    Top Speed193 mph (GT) / 189 mph (GTS)
    25 Jan 2021
  • Does the c63 have 4Matic?

    It will be equipped with an electrically-assisted turbocharger, and it will work jointly with an electric starter-generator (ISG). The cavalry will travel to the four wheels via a nine-speed automatic transmission and Mercedes-Benz's well-known 4Matic all-wheel-drive system.26 Feb 2021
  • Why is there no E63 coupe?

    Mercedes motivated its decision by saying there wouldn't be much demand for these electrified two-door cars, so they're not worth the trouble. "We will not offer, in the convertible or the coupe, the battery in the back," E-Class Chief Engineer Michael Kelz tells us over the phone.28 May 2020
  • Does BMW own Mercedes?

    Here's a list the major car corporations that sell in the U.S. and the brands they currently offer here. BMW Group owns BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce. Daimler AG owns Mercedes-Benz and Smart. Ford Motor Co.7 Oct 2021

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