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  • Syahmi Zikry
    When you look at it in technical terms, the all-wheel-drive system will use the front, rear, and center differential to send power to all four wheels in the new Mercedes-Benz car, and the 4MATIC® four-wheel drive system will use the two differentials along with a transfer case to provide power to all four wheels of the ...
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  • Do you need xDrive?

    It's worth choosing an xDrive BMW if you regularly drive on snow. Its four-wheel drive system essentially doubles the amount of grip the car has allowing you to keep moving on slippery roads that would leave a rear-wheel drive BMW floundering.25 mar 2022
  • Is 9G tronic dual clutch?

    In the 9G-TRONIC, the individual gears are engaged by three multi-disc clutches and three multi-disc brakes. The purpose of the multi-disc clutches is to transfer the drive torque between two components as a friction connection. The ratio configuration of gears one to nine allows the wide ratio spread of 9.15.6 mar 2014
  • What does traction control button do in Subaru?

    Traction control is an active safety feature that helps to keep traction between the tires and the road in slippery or dangerous conditions.23 jul 2021
  • In which driving conditions would torque vectoring by braking be a benefit?

    In this type of application, torque vectoring through braking can be used. This system works by using the brakes to stop a wheel from slipping. This allows more power to be sent to the wheels that still have grip, improving a car's ability to accelerate on slippery roads or accelerate out of tight corners.24 feb 2022
  • What is the advantage of active torque vectoring?

    VDC helps prevent skids. If your Subaru strays from your intended direction (due to sand, ice, rain-slicked pavement, etc.) VDC can reduce engine power and apply brake pressure to individual wheels, thus straightening your path.

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