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  • Leo Teh
    In the 9G-TRONIC, the individual gears are engaged by three multi-disc clutches and three multi-disc brakes. The purpose of the multi-disc clutches is to transfer the drive torque between two components as a friction connection. The ratio configuration of gears one to nine allows the wide ratio spread of 9.15.6 mar 2014
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  • How do I know if my Mercedes is 4WD?

    Figuring out whether your Mercedes-Benz has 4Matic is as easy as looking at the rear of the vehicle on the trunk for the badge that says "4Matic". Below is an example. If you do not see the "4Matic" badge then your Mercedes is rear-wheel drive.
  • What does traction control button do in Subaru?

    Traction control is an active safety feature that helps to keep traction between the tires and the road in slippery or dangerous conditions.23 jul 2021
  • What is active differential?

    Active Differential:

    Very similar to a limited slip differential, the active differential still employs mechanisms to provide the resistance needed to transfer torque from one side to another - but rather than relying on purely mechanical force, these clutches can be electronically activated.
  • What does RC stand for Lexus?

    Radical Coupe
    The Lexus “RC” stands for “Radical Coupe” and its story began in 2015 when the engineers at Lexus envisioned a new, radical coupe version of the popular Lexus IS sports sedan.25 sept 2020
  • Can you drift in a Mercedes?

    Part of a video titled Drift Mode | 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG | How to Activate - YouTube
    Drive where power is directed to the front wheels or the rear wheels. And all-wheel drive vehicleMoreDrive where power is directed to the front wheels or the rear wheels. And all-wheel drive vehicle directs power to all four wheels for better traction.

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