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    The available e-torque vectoring plus – includes a locking rear differential for cornering and also brakes the inner wheel for improved handling.13 jul 2021
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  • Is 4Matic better?

    Is 4Matic better than RWD? A Mercedes fitted with 4Matic four-wheel drive has more grip than a rear-wheel-drive model. The 4Matic system is worth considering if you drive off-road, tow or just want a little more grip on slippery roads.28 mar 2022
  • What is torque steer in cars?

    Torque steer is a sensation that is commonly experienced in powerful front-wheel-drive cars. It happens under acceleration as the torque delivered by the engine overcomes the front tyres, resulting in either the steering wheel 'tugging' in your hands, or the car pulling to one side of the road as you accelerate.
  • What is torque vectoring Plus?

    Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, or PTV Plus for short, works by automatically applying brakes to the inside rear wheel during a turn combined with a rear wheel differential lock for exiting the corner.28 jun 2015
  • What is faster than Tesla Model S plaid?

    That 60-mph time ties the Porsche 918 Spyder and 911 Turbo S, and it matches the Bugatti Chiron Sport's quarter-mile time, which is the quickest we've ever measured. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is still the quickest to 60 mph Car and Driver has ever recorded, beating the Plaid by 0.1 second.8 dic 2021
  • Does Honda CR-V have torque vectoring?

    Honda offers two different all-wheel-drive systems: Real Time AWD™ and intelligent Variable Torque Management™ (i-VTM4®). Both can deliver instantaneous power to the rear wheels to enhance overall stability, and the i-VTM4 system adds torque vectoring for greater side-to-side control.

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