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  • Ros Sal
    The Lexus RC F is the first front engine, rear-wheel drive vehicle to be offered with a torque transfer system, a torque vectoring differential (TVD).
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  • Does Lexus have torque vectoring?

    ' To provide excellent turning performance, LEXUS engineers developed and adopted Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD) technology for a front- engine rear-wheel-drive (FR) vehicle for the first time in the world (first TVD for Toyota Motor Corporation) that performs electronic control to actively 'transfer' torque to ...
  • Does Subaru have engine problems?

    In 2019, Subaru recalled more than 450,000 of its models in the U.S. to address engine computer issues. According to reports, the computer unit was incorrectly programmed, causing it to continue to power the ignition coil even after the motor had been shut off.8 jul 2021
  • Why is Tesla named plaid?

    The car's name is a reference to the movie “Spaceballs.” In the space-action parody, stars brightly streak past as the spaceship enters “Ludicrous” speed, the velocity eventually represented by an equally ridiculous pattern: “Plaid.”11 jun 2021
  • What is the difference between axle and differential?

    A differential is part of the front and/or rear axle assembly. The axle is the central shaft that the wheels on the vehicle rotate around. The photo below shows where it's located on a vehicle with a four wheel drive automatic transmission. The differential allows wheels on the same axle to rotate at different speeds.19 ene 2015
  • What is electronic active differential with torque vectoring by braking?

    Part of a video titled Torque Vectoring Differential - Explained - YouTube
    So the benefits of a torque vectoring differential is that it allows you to have better cornering.MoreSo the benefits of a torque vectoring differential is that it allows you to have better cornering. Performance it provides better stability. And also it provides better traction.

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