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  • Dinrahim Rahim Mamat
    A heads-up display mobile app qualifies as an all-software system for which the mobile phone acts as the hardware. With increasing popularity of in-car infotainment and automotive HUD systems, there are many HUD apps flooding the app-stores.25 Aug 2016
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  • What does the Mercedes Me app provide customers?

    The Mercedes me App allows Mercedes-Benz drivers to be more connected with their vehicle than ever before. The Mercedes Me App offers everything from vehicle management, remote access, to meaningful assistance and support all in one place, so that your enhanced driving experience is nice and comfortable.26 Oct 2018
  • What cars have augmented reality?

    There are several car manufacturers who already have integrated augmented reality (AR) into their production cars, including BMW, Jaguar, Mazda and Mini.
  • How do I know if my Mercedes has wireless CarPlay?

    Basically, all newer Mercedes have Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto built-in as standard from 2016. Only some modes such as the 2018-> A-Class have the ability to connect wirelessly. If you're not sure, you can go into the car setting and check if it will allow you to connect to CarPlay wirelessly via a WIFI connection.
  • Does Sonata have ambient lighting?

    Hidden in the entertainment center, you have the ability to customize the lighting within the vehicle. The option is called “ambient lighting”. Once you're in this menu, you have the ability to customize the brightness of the interior lights and you can change the color.
  • Do all BMW have HUD?

    Further examples of the limited availability of the Head-Up Display are the BMW Z4 Roadster (G29) and the compact class models of the 1 Series (F40) and 2 Series (G42 Coupe & F44 Gran Coupe). Only the M Performance variants of those models can be ordered with HUD. The 5 Series still gets HUD in all of its variants.30 Sept 2021

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