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  • Azlan S. Zain
    Buying HUD homes: Pros and cons
    HUD Homes: ProsLess competition from investors; Closing cost assistance available; No haggling with the seller
    HUD Homes: ConsHUD homes aren't always cheaper; The home is sold as-is, in any state; Long-term vacancy can cause issues
    24 Mar 2022
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  • Why don t more cars have HUD?

    One of the reasons a lot of countries have banned the use of a mobile device during driving, is because it distracts the user from seeing what's happening on the road. Thus a large portion of the reason why there aren't many (elaborate) HUD's lies with the simple answer: they distract you from operating the vehicle.24 Apr 2015
  • How do you turn on the position display on a Mercedes?

    Try settings - system - transmit position ( right at the bottom of the list) if it's off turn it on. If it's on turn it off then lock the car. Go back in and turn it back on.25 Feb 2020
  • Does Mercedes-Benz GLB have heads up display?

    The outlook for sporty driving pleasure and effortlessly superior driving feel is good: the Head-up Display transforms your windscreen into an exciting digital cockpit.
  • How does head-up display work?

    A projector embedded in the car dashboard sends a transparent image onto the windscreen by bouncing off a series of mirrors, before being magnified so it is legible to drivers. This can be adjusted to meet their visual and height requirements.
  • What does a head-up display do?

    Heads-up displays include a transparent display of information on the windshield. This data is reflected directly in the driver's visual field so that they can focus on the road as well. The HUD system has a projector unit, combiner and a computer that generates a video of this information.9 Mar 2021

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