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  • Stanley Lim
    This is a brand new genuine Mercedes-Benz Heads-Up Display (HUD) retrofit kit for the W166 and C292 GL, GLS, and GLE Class models. This is an OEM retrofit kit including the HUD screen and associated wiring to install it on your dashboard. *HUD kits are brand new, factory kits in original Mercedes-Benz packaging*.
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  • Where is the i button on Mercedes?

    Part of a video titled Activate Your MBRACE Account - YouTube
    Account the embraced buttons are located just above the rearview mirror. Just take a few secondsMoreAccount the embraced buttons are located just above the rearview mirror. Just take a few seconds press the I button an embrace representative will come on and walk you through the activation.
  • What is the rain sensor for on windshield?

    Your car's sensors can tell it is raining by measuring how many rain drops are on the windshield. The sensor detects the light reflected back internally by the windshield glass, so if there were more raindrops on the windshield, the less light would be reflected back to the sensor.
  • How do I turn on my GMC heads-up display?

    The Controls

    One control is a knob, which adjusts the brightness of the HUD. Turning it clockwise should make the HUD brighter while turning it counter-clockwise dims it. To turn the HUD off, you can simply turn the knob to adjust the brightness until you no longer see the display.
    7 Jul 2021
  • What cars have 2022 heads up?

    7 Mainstream Car Brands Offer A Head-Up Display - Subaru Forester Is Not On The List
    2022 Subaru Forester2022 Forester
    refreshed ForesterNew Forester
    22 Sept 2021
  • Does the 2022 C-class have massage seats?

    You can expect massage seating to come standard for newer 2020-2022 C-Class Mercedes vehicles. The company began including front driver and passenger massage seats in the C-Class as a standard option in 2020 and shows no sign of discontinuing it for new releases.16 Mar 2022

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