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    The system is operational when the vehicle speed is greater than approximately 90 miles per hour andMoreThe system is operational when the vehicle speed is greater than approximately 90 miles per hour and the BSM switch on the lower right instrument panel is activated.

    How do I turn on my BSM Mazda?

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  • What does it mean when my Mazda Says Time for a break?

    Driver Attention Alert

    Many people will drive while drowsy or distracted even though both are dangerous. A Mazda equipped with driver attention alert can learn your driving style, so it can notice when you're tired and tell you it's time for a break.
    25 Apr 2019
  • Which feature is included with BLIS with Cross traffic Alert?

    When a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, you are alerted with an indicator light in the side view mirror. The Cross-Traffic Alert feature also uses this radar to help detect traffic behind your vehicle when you're slowly backing out of a parking spot or driveway.
  • What is BLIS on Ford Ranger?

    If you drive a Ford pickup or full-size SUV and pull a large trailer, an enhanced version of available BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert is offered especially for you. It provides coverage for not only the truck you're driving but also the conventional trailer you're towing.
  • Does XLT have blind-spot monitoring?

    Like its bigger F-150 brother, Ford announced Tuesday that the 2019 Ranger XLT and Lariat will come standard with a trailer blind spot monitoring system. Like the F-150, the 2019 Ford Ranger will house radar sensors in the taillights to watch for traffic beyond the reach of the truck itself.
  • When did blind spot monitors come out?

    Blind-spot monitoring first appeared in the Volvo S80 in 2005, and a variation of it is included on many vehicles today, with some being more advanced than others.31 Jul 2021

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