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  • Muhammad Za'aim
    You might need a flashlight to get a good look at the brake pad. If the pads look thin, less than 1/4", it might be time to get them replaced. On some brake pads, you might see a wear indicator slot down the center of the pad. If the slot is gone or just barely visible, it's time for new brake pads.
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  • How often do rear brakes need to be replaced?

    On average, brake pads should be replaced every 25,000 to 65,000 miles, while rotors typically should be changed anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 miles. However, the exact number can differ depending on driving conditions and styles.
  • Can you put front calipers on the rear?

    Yes, but you'd have to use a 140mm rear rotor(which I do on all my disc bikes) as your correct that the rear is a longer(taller) arm setup. ie. If one gets 2 fronts of any brake I know of=160/140mm setup.31 Jan 2008
  • Why does my car sound like metal is scraping?

    A scraping noise whilst accelerating may be the result of a number of things; from a deteriorating transmission or timing belt to a damaged wheel bearing or brake pads. For this reason, it's worth taking your car for a check-up with a mechanic who can determine the cause.
  • Are front and back rotors interchangeable?

    Keep in mind, that vented and solid rotor options are not interchangeable in a majority of cases. For example, if your car has a solid rear rotor, you will not be able to fit a vented rotor without first upgrading your calipers.15 Aug 2020
  • How do I know my rotor size?

    Part of a video titled How to Measure Your Rotors' Diameter - YouTube
    If you're still unsure the diameter of your rotor. Give the dealership a call give them your VINMoreIf you're still unsure the diameter of your rotor. Give the dealership a call give them your VIN number and they'll be able to help you out on those specifics.

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