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  • Cheng Kem Wat
    Worn-Out or Poor-Quality Brake Pads

    Loud metal-to-metal grinding when stopping usually indicates the brake pad friction material is worn or has dislodged from its metal backing plate, to the point where the metal is digging into and scoring the rotor.
    17 Sept 2020
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  • Can you put front calipers on the rear?

    Yes, but you'd have to use a 140mm rear rotor(which I do on all my disc bikes) as your correct that the rear is a longer(taller) arm setup. ie. If one gets 2 fronts of any brake I know of=160/140mm setup.31 Jan 2008
  • How long can you drive with grinding brakes Reddit?

    You can drive indefinitely with grinding brakes, the issues will really crop up when you try to stop! I once had a customer that had ground the rotors clean off her jeep. I asked about the noise that had to have come before. She said to was grinding for 3 months prior but she didn't have the money to take it in.
  • Do rear rotors last longer than front?

    Unless there is damage from road debris or worn-out brake pads, rear rotors should last two or three times longer than front rotors. If brake pad wear and rotor width measurements are significantly different side to side, the calipers should be checked for damage or failure and replaced along with the pads and rotors.28 Jun 2021
  • Do all cars have 4 brake pads?

    Every car comes with two front brakes and two rear brakes. Older vehicles typically have drum brakes in both the front and rear. In contrast, modern cars tend to have either disc brakes on all four wheels or disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back.
  • Are expensive rotors worth it?

    Higher end rotors will offer more precise machining and in some cases different steel content, such as a higher carbon content. This can result in a better rotors that is more resistant to brake fade and thermal cracking under extreme heat and a decreased chance of warping over time.23 Jan 2019

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