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    The best choice is always to avoid mixing motor oil brands, but different viscosity grades of the same brand can be used. It is important to remember that mixing viscosity grades will result in a product that is different in viscosity from what was originally in the engine or what was added to it.4 dic 2021
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  • Can you use Castrol Edge in BMW?

    EDGE 5W-30 is also approved for use in modern BMW and Mercedes gasoline and diesel engines including those equiped with a DPF that require BMW Longlife -04 or MB-Approval 229.51 specifications. Castrol EDGE 5W-30 is engineered to; - Pass the toughest VW motor oil tests to protect all parts of your engine.
  • Should I use 10w30 or 10w40?

    There's not much difference between 10W-30 and 10W-40 motor oil. What sets them apart has more to do with temperature fluctuations and engine load. For moderate weather, either engine oil grades should work fine. Your choices will become more critical when you start getting into high-heat situations.29 oct 2021
  • Will 5W30 hurt a 0W30 engine?

    Yes. Viscocity oils flow slower than viscosity oils, so 5W30 will flow faster than 10W30 and 0W30 will flow faster than 5W30.11 ene 2022
  • Can I use 0w30 instead of 0W20?

    Essentially 0w-30 does not protect your engine nearly as well as 0w-20 but is ideal for more extreme temperatures (temperatures of over 400°F). According to stikkitnow: While the 0w30 motor oil promises to protect your engine from tear, the 0w20 motor oil does this in a more outstanding and dramatic way.
  • Does engine oil get thinner over time?

    Nope – other way around! Motor oil gets thinner as it's heated, but to prevent it from getting too thin at higher temperatures, additives (viscosity modifiers) are used so that it behaves like a thicker grade oil at higher temps.24 ago 2020

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