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  • Tong Hong Ying
    Most motor oils have a temperature range which they operate best. Their “0W” shared grade means that they have a temperature range of -35 degrees Celsius when it comes to borderline pumping temperature. 0w30 has a temperature range of 12.5 when it comes to kinematic centistokes while the 0w40 has 16.3 as its max.11 jul 2018
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  • What kind of oil goes in a 2008 BMW 328i?

    Synthetic oil is used in the 2008 BMW 328i, which has a capacity of 5w-30. There are six slots in this machine. 5 quarts. In addition to keeping the internal parts of Your car's engine cool and lubricated, oil also prevents the moving parts from grinding against each other, which reduces wear and tear.1 dic 2021
  • Is there a difference between European oil and American oil?

    One major difference between ACEA and API specifications is that European (ACEA) motor oil specifications have much tighter requirements for emissions and oil change intervals. Using the incorrect motor oil in a European vehicle could damage the engine and lead to engine failure.6 oct 2021
  • What 0W20 means?

    Breaking down the 0W-20 code, “0” is the oil's viscosity at startup when the engine is cold, “W” stands for its winter certification, and “20” is the viscosity at higher temperatures. Lower numbers designate thinner, lower-friction oil.
  • Can I mix 2 different brands of motor oil?

    THE ANSWER IS NO! Even if two different brands of oil have the same viscosity, you still should not be mixing them together.21 sept 2019
  • Is it better to run thicker oil in hot weather?

    Engines need a thicker oil in the summer months because of the summer heat and its effects on thinning the oil out. When the weather cools down, you can switch back to a lighter, thinner oil, which will help preserve gas mileage in the winter months.23 jun 2011

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