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  • Junaidi Naidi
    Using the wrong fluid can cause poor lubrication, overheating, and possibly transmission failure. A mechanic might not be able to reverse the damage, even by flushing the transmission. Mistakenly adding motor oil or brake fluid can also destroy your transmission.
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  • What kind of oil goes in a 2008 BMW 328i?

    Synthetic oil is used in the 2008 BMW 328i, which has a capacity of 5w-30. There are six slots in this machine. 5 quarts. In addition to keeping the internal parts of Your car's engine cool and lubricated, oil also prevents the moving parts from grinding against each other, which reduces wear and tear.1 dic 2021
  • Can you use 10w 40 instead of 0W20?

    Can you put 10W40 in a 0W20 engine? You could use a 0W20 oil (I use 0W20 oil) in cold weather and it would be Ok by Ford. (they will not say it is good, but they will still honor the warranty..) But 10W40 is way off, and I bet they would be not so happy over any engine problems if they found 10W40 in a failed engine.21 abr 2021
  • What happens if you mix 5W40 with 10W40?

    Can You Mix 10w40 And 5w40 Oil? A registered user. It is not a problem mixing different weights as long as both oils are classified as C-class.30 dic 2021
  • Which oil is better 5w20 or 5w30?

    5w30 is renowned as the best engine oil at warmer temperatures when compared with the 5w20. It is the oil type characterized by higher viscosity – that is, its thickness. It experiences lots of friction and more drag when flowing. As a result, it takes time to lubricate the engine parts in colder climates.
  • What kind of oil does BMW 330i use?

    7 liters 5W-30 BMW 330i motor oil, oil filter, and hardware for 2006 3.0L 24V, including 330i / 330xi E90, E91, and E92 applications. Oil carries OEM approval for BMW Longlife-01 oil standard.

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