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  • Syahmi Sazali
    Synthetic oil is used in the 2008 BMW 328i, which has a capacity of 5w-30. There are six slots in this machine. 5 quarts. In addition to keeping the internal parts of Your car's engine cool and lubricated, oil also prevents the moving parts from grinding against each other, which reduces wear and tear.1 dic 2021
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  • What's the difference between 0w 40 and 5W 20?

    When it gets hot it's entirely different, the 5W30 would do a better job because of it's thick viscosity, it will take more time for it to get thinner than the 0W40 that is thinner. Though both would work very well in Africa, but the 5W30 would do a better job in Africa and the 0W40 will deliver more in Europe.4 dic 2018
  • Will 5W20 hurt a 0W-20 engine?

    Yes you can use both. 0w-20 just provides better engine protection when starting up in cold cold winters. You should use what's specified in the owner's manual. The engineers chose that for a reason.25 mar 2019
  • Can the wrong oil damage your engine?

    Using the wrong oil can lead to reduced lubrication and shorter engine life. If the manual says to use synthetic oil, do so. Contrary to what some believe, adding synthetic oil to regular oil won't harm the engine, but there's also no benefit in doing so.
  • What happens if I use 0W40 instead of 0w20?

    0w40 is MUCH heavier than 0w20. Using it, even once, can do serious damage to your engine if it's spec'd for 0w20.21 jul 2012
  • What type of oil does Porsche Macan S use?

    Porsche A40 oil spec
    Types of Oil Used in Porsche Macan Model Engines

    0L V6 turbo gasoline models use Porsche A40 oil spec (S and GTS model). 2019-2021 Porsche Macan 3.0L V6 turbo gasoline models use Porsche C20 oil spec (S model). 2020-2021 Porsche Macan 2.9L V6 turbo gasoline models use Porsche C30 oil spec (GTS and Turbo model).

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