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  • Fong Liang
    Engine oils with the approval BMW Longlife 01 are particularly suitable for petrol and diesel vehicles without diesel particulate filters. In contrast to oils with the release BMW Longlife 04 they do not have a Low SAPS character. Due to the increased pollutant emissions, they are not suitable for cars with DPF.
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  • Is 0W20 good for winter?

    The grades give you a hint of how the oil will function in different temperatures. The two oils are multi-grade, meaning they work in both cool and hot temperatures. 0w20 is at the 0w mark, with the W standing for winter. It means it is an excellent pick if you live in cold areas.
  • What engine oil is best for cold weather?

    5W30 oil
    The Bottom Line

    A multi-viscosity 5W30 oil flows quicker in cold weather and is recommended for year-round protection, and a synthetic 5W30 multi-viscosity will provide the best protection you can get in both extremely cold weather and extremely hot engine temperatures.
  • Can I use 5W30 in my BMW?

    Oil for BMW's must have an API rating of SM or higher; your recommended SAE grade* will vary based on climate. A few of the recommended oils for your 2007 BMW include Mobil 1 SAE 0W-40 and Valvoline SynPower SAE 5W-30. If you live in a cold weather climate, the use of the 0W-40 is best.13 mar 2017
  • Is 5w30 thicker than 0W40?

    With that said, 0W-40 is a thinner oil than 5W-30, an ideal oil weight for extreme temperatures, both winter and summer. On the other hand, 5W-30 works well for warm winters and summers because it's a thicker oil than 0W-40.1 dic 2021
  • What is the difference between 0W 40 and 0W 20?

    0w20 has a higher high-temperature viscosity, which means it is better at protecting your engine from the heat and friction of hot weather and high operating temperatures. What is this? 0w40 has a lower high-temperature viscosity, which means it flows easier and reduces internal friction and resistance in the engine.

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