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  • Muhammad Haziq Ab Rahman
    Notes: OE Recommendation, Full synthetic. 5W-30.
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  • What happens if you put the wrong oil in your BMW?

    Using the wrong fluid can cause poor lubrication, overheating, and possibly transmission failure. A mechanic might not be able to reverse the damage, even by flushing the transmission. Mistakenly adding motor oil or brake fluid can also destroy your transmission.
  • What vehicles use 0W30 oil?

    0W-30 oil is used for most modern engines (including diesel and gasoline engine models), passenger cars, and light trucks. SAE 30 oil is used for smaller air-cooled engines like small tractors and lawnmowers.29 nov 2021
  • Can you mix weights of synthetic oil?

    Can You Mix Different Synthetic Oil Weights? Synthetic isn't quite like dino-oil (where the base stock is essentially the same and viscosity deltas are mostly a function of additives), but it can be mixed just fine. Synthetics are formulated with viscosity, so mixing is not a problem.4 dic 2021
  • What oil does a Porsche Cayman take?

    All Porsche vehicles are now filled with Mobil 1 high-performance engine oil in the factory.
  • What kind of oil does a BMW 528i take?

    Valvoline - European Vehicle SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart (Part No. 881166)

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