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  • Chin Yeong
    The comparison between the two models bears pushing farther, actually: the CLA 45 benefits from the industry's most powerful 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 382 hp, while in the C 43 sedan, engineers instead inserted a 385-hp twin-turbo V6. The CLA 45's engine is hand-assembled, but not the C 43's V6.
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  • Is Mercedes discontinuing the E Class convertible?

    The C-, E- and S-Class two-doors could be on the chopping block. Mercedes-Benz is looking to save some cash by axing approximately seven versions of its low-roof vehicles, according to Automotive News.28 Jul 2020
  • Is the CLA a V6?

    Engines. All CLA-Class models are powered by four-cylinder engines, including a choice of 1.6 L and 2.0 L gasoline, and 3 diesels, a 1.5L, a 1.8 L and a 2.2 L.
  • Whats faster than an A A45 AMG?

    This allows for a 4.5-second sprint to 60 mph, which is not that far off the A45S. It's worth noting that the Golf R takes just 0.3 seconds more to reach the quarter-mile, despite having 100 horsepower than the “Merc”.
    Engine2.3-liter Eco Boost inline-four
    Torque325 LB-FT
    0 to 60 mph4.5 seconds
    Top Speed165 mph
    28 Apr 2021
  • How much is a Mercedes CLA 35 AMG?

    about $47,850
    The least-expensive 2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is the 2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class AMG CLA 35 4dr Sedan AWD (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 7AM). Including destination charge, it arrives with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $47,850.
  • How fast is the CLA 45 AMG?

    The Mercedes CLA45 AMG is the saloon sibling of the new A45 hot hatchback. It shares the powertrain and four-wheel-drive system of the A45, with a fairly radical departure for the AMG brand – a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 355bhp. It yields a 4.6sec 0-60 time and a 155mph electronically limited top speed.

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