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  • Mohd Norazam
    Two-wheel alignment aligns the front wheels, while four-wheel alignment aligns all four wheels. Usually, the latter is not necessary on a big SUV or truck with a solid rear axle, unless it has been in an accident and it might pick up on a bent frame where the rear axle is out of line, causing the vehicle to dog track.2 Sept 2014
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  • Is tire rotation the same as alignment?

    Tire rotation and wheel alignment are two different services, aiming at different results. Tire rotation ensures that the tread of your tires wears out evenly. On the other hand, wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle travels in a straight vertical line to provide you with a comfortable experience.18 Jan 2022
  • What does a front-end alignment consist of?

    A front-end alignment is better known as a 2-wheel. As the name suggests, the mechanic will carry out alignment on just the front wheels. Generally speaking, it might include a toe, camber, and caster adjustment. Certain vehicles consist of a solid rear axle that never requires adjustment.10 Aug 2020
  • How often should you rotate balance and align tires?

    approximately every seven thousand miles
    Most manufacturers recommend that all four tires should be rotated and balanced approximately every seven thousand miles. A great way to keep up with this recommendation is to have your tires rotated and balanced about every other time you have your oil changed.
  • Can out of round wheels be fixed?

    The good news is that in many cases, Rim Doctor can straighten things out and have you rolling within factory specifications (often better) in no time. Rim Doctor exclusively uses the most premium, American made wheel straighteners available.
  • How can I balance my tires without a machine?

    Part of a video titled How to Balance Your Car's Tires - YouTube
    This thing works quite well I use a piece of marine plywood to have a good stable foundation put theMoreThis thing works quite well I use a piece of marine plywood to have a good stable foundation put the base on that then. I got the level balancing part and place it on the top. Then.

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