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    The first thing is to reinforce. That can change while driving. Like rear control arm bushings. OrMoreThe first thing is to reinforce. That can change while driving. Like rear control arm bushings. Or spring shackles. The method the first part of the method is accomplished. During the alignment.

    How do you fix an off-center steering wheel?

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  • Does changing tires affect alignment?

    It doesn't matter whether you get your alignment before or after having your new tires put on. Most experts agree that the only effect worn tires have on your alignment is a change to the vehicle's ride height which, given today's steering and suspension design, should be negligible.26 Mar 2021
  • Is it safe to drive with a shaking car?

    Really bad news. You risk damaging costly vehicle parts, such as the catalytic converter and engine, if you ignore shaking that's caused by a misfire. The same goes if the shaking is caused by an internal engine failure – if you continue to drive, you'll only end up damaging your vehicle further.4 Dec 2021
  • How do you adjust caster and camber?

    Placing shims between the upper control arm shaft and the frame (arrows) will increase negative camber. Adding positive camber involves removing shims. Once you've established the camber, caster is the next angle to check. With the bubble gauge installed on the hub, turn the tire inboard 20 degrees and level the gauge.13 Aug 2009
  • Why does my car shake when I drive?

    Vibration is usually caused by an out of balance or defective tire, a bent wheel or a worn driveline U-joint. You may find that the car shakes the car in an up and down motion. You may feel vibration through the seat, the steering wheel or even in the brake pedal.
  • Can a bent rim be fixed?

    Upon the discovery that your rim is bent, you might first wonder, “Can a bent rim be fixed?” Almost always, a professional tire expert will be able to restore the shape of your rim. For more serious damages, the rim may need to be replaced entirely.

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