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  • Kamal Adam
    Even slight alignment issues can cause steering wheel shaking or vibrations. In addition to steering wheel shaking, wheel alignment troubles can cause uneven and accelerated wear on your tires. A quick wheel alignment service can address this issue and its symptoms.
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  • Can alignment cause a vibration?

    Consistent Shaking: Alignment issues will cause constant vehicle vibration, no matter whether you are braking, accelerating, or maintaining a consistent speed. Steering Wheel Pulling: You may also notice that your vehicle is “pulling” towards one side of the road or another rather than seamlessly steering straight.
  • How much play in steering wheel is too much?

    The wheels should begin to turn at around a 7cm turn at the wheel rim. Anything less than this indicates a problem. They will put the car onto a hoist and lift it up in order to get underneath it to check the steering box and inspect each steering linkage.28 Jun 2019
  • How often is wheel alignment necessary?

    For virtually all vehicles, it's necessary to get your wheels aligned periodically. Most car experts recommend scheduling an alignment every other oil change, or approximately every 6,000 miles.24 Feb 2016
  • Is 4 wheel alignment the same as tracking?

    Wheel alignment, also known as tracking, checks the direction and angle of the wheels to ensure they're perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other. You can choose a 2 wheel alignment (front axle) or 4 wheel alignment (front and rear axles).22 Mar 2019
  • Do all 4 wheels need to be aligned?

    Do I need to get all four tires aligned at once? Yes, the majority of vehicles today (cars, small SUVs, and vans) require a four-wheel alignment. Some cars with solid rear axles can only have their front wheels aligned.18 Mar 2019

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