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  • Roy Hamzah
    Under acceleration, RPMs will increase as you press the gas pedal. Similarly, RPMs will decrease as you press the brake or let up on the accelerator. Most engines rev up to around 4,000 to 6,000 RPM, though this can vary significantly depending on what kind of car you drive and how powerful it is.
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  • Does wheel alignment make a difference?

    Fixing misaligned wheels will prevent your car or van from pulling to one side so you can drive on a straight road without having to struggle with your steering wheel which also increases the vehicle's safety. As mentioned, incorrectly aligned wheels result in accelerated tyre wear and increased fuel consumption.22 Mar 2019
  • Why does my steering wheel shake and pull to the left?

    Even slight alignment issues can cause steering wheel shaking or vibrations. In addition to steering wheel shaking, wheel alignment troubles can cause uneven and accelerated wear on your tires. A quick wheel alignment service can address this issue and its symptoms.
  • Do all 4 wheels need to be aligned?

    Do I need to get all four tires aligned at once? Yes, the majority of vehicles today (cars, small SUVs, and vans) require a four-wheel alignment. Some cars with solid rear axles can only have their front wheels aligned.18 Mar 2019
  • What tools are used for wheel balancing?

    Wheel Balancing Tools
    • UWT-1200HP. UWT Wheel Weight Hammer and Remover. ...
    • 67-GRP1. AA Passenger Car/LT Plastic Rim Gauge (Ea.) ...
    • 70-141. AA Wheel Bolt Pattern Gauge Set - 70-141. ...
    • UWT-PLIERS. UWT HD Wheel Weight Pliers and Hammer. ...
    • 87-012. AA Adhesive Wheel Weight Remover. ...
    • UWT-2200HP. UWT 2200HP Wheel Weight Remover. ...
    • 16-166. ...
    • KEN-35359.
  • Should my steering wheel be perfectly straight?

    Even though you don't have your hands on the wheel, your automobile should still drive straight. If it begins to pull to the right or the left, your wheel alignment is bad and needs to be adjusted.15 Aug 2020

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