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  • Steve Lum
    Immobilizers work, but thieves work harder

    While engine immobilizers do work to prevent car theft, some thieves work even harder. For every layer of security, thieves always seem to find a way around it.
    10 Jun 2021
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  • Are older or newer cars safer?

    It's a fact – newer cars are safer than older cars. Advanced technologies and improved structural designs make newer cars a safer choice for your family. NHTSA data shows that fatality rates increase among those driving older vehicles.
  • What is a Thatcham Category 1 immobiliser?

    Thatcham category 1

    Thatcham devices designated as Category 1 refer to the most sophisticated security systems, combining an immobiliser with an alarm. Category 1 devices offer features like ignition and perimeter detection along with movement, tilt and glass break sensors.
  • Can you add features to a new car?

    You don't have to buy a new car to add these features to your car, but rather, you can buy a piece of addable technology. This tech ranges from expensive to inexpensive, but they serve the purpose of increasing the joy you find while driving your car.8 May 2019
  • How do I use the Cobra touch key?

    1. Turn the ignition ON and OFF 3 times, then ON within 7 seconds.
    2. The LED will illuminate permanently.
    3. Touch a working touch key onto the receptacle, the LED will extinguish for 1 second.
    4. Repeat step 3 for the additional keys you want to add.
    5. Switch the ignition OFF to exit programming.
  • What is immobilizer PIN code?

    The PIN code is a combination of buttons that you need to press after getting behind the wheel. If the correct combination isn't provided, Stealth Immobiliser doesn't allow the engine to start, essentially making it impossible for the car to be stolen.9 Jan 2021

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