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  • Azhar Azmi
    around $300
    An immobilizer can be purchased from any vehicle trading store, online store, car locksmith, or any warehouse/retail store in your area. Immobilizer key replacements can be found at any mechanic and any auto trader. You can expect to pay around $300 for a new one if your immobilizer key is not working.
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  • How do I use the Cobra touch key?

    1. Turn the ignition ON and OFF 3 times, then ON within 7 seconds.
    2. The LED will illuminate permanently.
    3. Touch a working touch key onto the receptacle, the LED will extinguish for 1 second.
    4. Repeat step 3 for the additional keys you want to add.
    5. Switch the ignition OFF to exit programming.
  • When I connect my car battery the alarm goes off?

    It's a common problem. Try disconnecting both terminals and touching them together a couple of times. (Once you reconnect them, the alarm should go off for a couple of seconds and then turn off) While you are doing this. Your car key should be in ignition and in the start position with the door opened.23 Apr 2013
  • How do I know if my car has anti theft?

    In insurance terms, this is any feature preinstalled in your car that makes it harder to steal, or easier to track or recover. We suggest you check your car's manual or the manufacturer's site to find out what security features might be installed.
  • How do I know if my Fiesta has an alarm?

    Examine the inside of both front doors for an “alarm” or “panic” button. If no alarm button is found, then your Ford Fiesta was not equipped with an alarm system.4 Apr 2022
  • Is Ghost 2 immobiliser any good?

    The Autowatch Ghost is the next generation of in-vehicle protection and is the world's first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is one of the best car security devices available on the market and provides first-rate protection against key cloning, key theft and car hacking.10 Dec 2020

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