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  • Burhan Khalib
    There is most likely nothing wrong with the replacement shock or strut, but a metallic clunking noise typically indicates loose or worn mounting hardware. A loose mount can allow movement between the bolt and attaching parts, while a mount that is worn can cause the shock/strut to move up and down.
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  • Can you change suspension on a car?

    You don't necessarily need to change over every component, but as with lowering a car, it is always best to consider how each change you make will impact the whole suspension system, and as such, it is recommended to do local law research, or seek advice around what is best for your desired use.
  • Do modern cars have active suspension?

    Active suspension systems are controlled by an onboard computer system. If you don't have a newer, computerized car, you don't have an active suspension system. Older cars and lower-end "cheap" model cars simply don't offer this feature.30 Jun 2021
  • Can coil springs squeak?

    The coil or leaf springs which help to smooth out the ride may also be a source of squeaks. These may be better served with a silicon spray rather than grease due to the plastic inserts that should be in place.
  • How do you know when shock absorbers need replacing?

    How to Tell if Shock Absorbers Are Worn Out: Signs to Look For
    1. Shock Absorbers Leaking. This is one of the most common signs that your shocks are shot, and it's an easy one to spot. ...
    2. Uneven Tyres. ...
    3. Bad Vibrations. ...
    4. Stopping Takes Longer. ...
    5. Swerving, Nose Diving and Veering. ...
    6. Knocking Noise. ...
    7. Bumpy Rides.
    25 May 2021
  • What happens when struts go bad?

    If your shocks and struts are malfunctioning, they may put additional pressure on the control arms, ball joints, and other suspension components. Over time, these issues may result in a car accident. They can also require costly, time-intensive repairs.2 Nov 2020

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