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  • Ariffin Ibrahim
    This is mainly a safety issue; Properly functioning shocks and struts are critical to keeping your tire's contact patch on the ground, and that's important for braking and steering. If you've got problems on both ends of your vehicle, then yes, you should replace all four at the same time.1 Mar 2020
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  • Can you adjust magnetic suspension?

    Most vehicles that include the feature allow you to adjust Magnetic Ride Control™ by switching between three settings. You can often switch between a softer Tour mode, a stiff Sport mode, and an even stiffer Track/Race mode.
  • Can I replace front shocks only?

    Yes, you can replace car shocks on your own without going to a mechanic.
  • Can you replace just the front shocks?

    Just like replacing your brakes or tires, you should replace your shocks in pairs. However, you don't need to replace the front and rear shocks at the same time. As long as you replace both fronts or both rears at the same time, you'll be fine.
  • What does a broken coil spring sound like?

    If your car has a broken coil spring you'll probably hear clunking, knocking noises when you drive over rough or uneven ground. A broken coil causes mis-alignment, meaning your car's suspension angles of travel are altered, causing components to scrape or knock against each other.29 Jun 2021
  • Will bad shocks cause vibration?

    If the vibration remains constant while you're driving, it might be a sign that there's a serious problem with your shocks. At highway speeds, these vibrations could become more intense and hamper your ability to control the car.

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