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  • Cek Nur Rempeyek Abdullah

    But due to the unusual stress loading of the front suspension during a turn, ball joint wear can drastically affect Ackerman angle. Picture this condition as the lower ball joint on the inside of the turn allows the unloaded inner wheel to move in or out.
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  • Can I replace only front shocks?

    Do you have to replace both shock absorbers or struts if only one is bad? It's not necessary, but it's usually recommended to replace them in pairs, for example, both front struts or both rear shocks. This is because a new shock absorber will absorb road bumps better than the old one.
  • Do lift kits settle?

    All lifts will settle in slightly, which is no different than what you will experience on a new vehicle.28 Feb 2014
  • Can you replace one shock absorber?

    If you replace only one shock absorber, it may create “unevenness” from side to side when driving over bumps. However, if your car is not very old, replacing only one strut or shock absorber may be enough, since the opposite side is not worn out yet.
  • Does traction control make your car shake?

    The vehicle's shaking may be caused my improper signals going to the traction control system and in return the traction control system is trying to correct a problem based off of improper signals.26 Nov 2016
  • How long do car shocks last?

    On average, if your car has been “babied,” you can expect your shocks/struts to last about 10 years. If you have really used your car like a workhorse, 5 years is probably all you can expect. This means that for the average driver, 7 or 8 years is the maximum life expectancy of most shocks and struts.19 Apr 2019

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