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  • Aizat Fikri
    One of the most common reasons your car will pull to one side is because the wheel alignment is off. When your wheel and axles aren't lined correctly you'll notice your steering wheel – and the whole front of the car – pull to the left or right.
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  • Is it OK to drive with bad struts?

    Is It Dangerous to Drive with Bad Struts? Yes, it's dangerous to drive with bad shocks or struts. Fortunately, many signs indicate your car's shocks and struts are malfunctioning, such as: Your car feels unstable, even if you are driving on a flat surface.2 Nov 2020
  • Can I replace front shocks only?

    Yes, you can replace car shocks on your own without going to a mechanic.
  • How do you compress a coil spring without a compressor?

    Part of a video titled Cheap & Easy Spring Compressor - DIY - YouTube
    I'm just putting on there same place underneath the control arm. And then I fix the ratchet strapMoreI'm just putting on there same place underneath the control arm. And then I fix the ratchet strap around a number of different positions on the coil on the spring there. And then I lowered.
  • What is the typical procedure for replacing shock absorbers?

    Part 1 of 2: Lifting and supporting your vehicle
    1. Materials needed.
    2. Step 1: Chock the wheels. ...
    3. Step 2: Raise the vehicle. ...
    4. Step 3: Place the jack stands. ...
    5. Step 1: Remove the upper shock bolt. ...
    6. Step 2: Remove the lower shock bolt. ...
    7. Step 3: Install the new shock. ...
    8. Step 4: Install the lower shock bolt.
    27 Sept 2016
  • Why does my front end squeak when I hit a bump?

    Bumps, potholes, getting in and out of the vehicle and braking can cause your suspension to protest loudly. In addition to the shocks and struts, the squeaking also can be caused by worn ball joints or bushings. Your ride quality is poor.20 Feb 2017

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