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  • KB Chua
    Signs of a Worn Suspension
    1. Clunking Noises When Hitting a Bump. ...
    2. Bumpy Ride. ...
    3. Hovering Front End. ...
    4. Irregular Tire Wear. ...
    5. Noticeable Vibrations While Driving. ...
    6. Erratic Braking. ...
    7. Fluid Leakage. ...
    8. Irregular Tire Wear.
    14 Mar 2019
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  • How often should you get your car aligned?

    every 2 to 3 years
    Typically, it is recommended to get your wheels aligned every 2 to 3 years. However, to ensure the optimal safety of your car, yourself and others around you, it is best to opt for a wheel alignment every time you go to change your oil of the vehicle.
  • What do worn shocks sound like?

    Unusual noises – When shocks and struts are worn out you may hear a clunking or knocking sound. This sound is caused by metal-to-metal contact when the shock or strut bottoms out when hitting a bump. In addition, these noises could be a result in worn shock or strut mounting components.
  • Why do my rear shocks squeak?

    Worn out bushings cause more movement which in return causes those squeaking noises as well as incorrect suspension geometry. If you suspect a squeaking bushing, try spraying a small amount of lubricant on the bushings to see if the noise goes away temporarily. If it does, consider replacing the bushing.
  • What causes ESC light to come on?

    In some instances, the ESC light switches on if your car is actively trying to maintain traction control. If the ESC light stays on, it means your vehicle is not under control. And if the ESC light stays on for an extended period of time, your ESC may be malfunctioning, or the system has been manually deactivated.17 Jun 2020
  • Do ball joints make a clunking noise?

    Noise – this can be a clunking or squeaking noise. Clunking noises are caused by the worn ball joints rattling as the suspension travels up and down over the road. The squeaking noise is caused by the rubber boot that protects the grease inside the ball joint is damaged, the ball joint will start to squeak.

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