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    It uses electromagnetic motors powered by electric power amplifiers and switches, which work together to make the wheels bounce up and down over obstacles, while the body of the car remains still. This system uses proprietary software, linear electromagnetic motors, and power amplifers to control each wheel.13 Feb 2016
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  • What does broken suspension sound like?

    Signs of suspension damage

    There'll be a knocking, creaking or clanking from under the car. In extreme cases, your car might not want to drive in a straight line without you constantly making adjustments with the steering wheel.
    25 Aug 2020
  • What can damage car shocks?

    What causes wear and tear on your shocks?
    • Potholes. If you are driving on bad roads or hitting potholes often this will cause your vehicle to rebound more frequently and can damage your shocks.
    • Dirt roads. When travelling on dirt roads a lot of dust is generated in the air. ...
    • Mud.
    19 Apr 2018
  • How do you test car struts?

    Part of a video titled How to Check Shocks and Struts in Your Car - YouTube
    Now the last way to check struts a simple just go under the wheel well. Pick up the top tuned on theMoreNow the last way to check struts a simple just go under the wheel well. Pick up the top tuned on the strut. And feel inside on the rod.
  • What is ESC warning light?

    Generally, the ESC light illuminates when the car is losing control and stays illuminated when a malfunction has been detected or the system has manually shut off.19 Feb 2021
  • Do struts clunk when turning?

    In most cases, a clunking sound when turning the steering wheel is typically an indication of a damaged steering stabilizer bar bushing. However, it can also be a damaged strut mount, tie rod or CV joint that is causing this problem.13 May 2017

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