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  • Andrew Lee
    You can usually tell if your tires are run-flat by looking at your tires, or by examining other details about your car. Find the words “Run Flat”, "SSR", "HSR", "RF", "Run On Flat", "ZP", "DSST", "RFT" on your tires.23 Nov 2021
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  • Can I use M S tyres in summer?

    M+S means mud and snow. This marking indicates that the tyre is better suited to snowy or muddy roads than standard models (summer tyres). Be aware that this marking does not require passing a certified test and is entirely up to the manufacturer.
  • Do run-flat tires give a harder ride?

    Harsher ride: The stiff sidewalls that make a run-flat work also result in a harsher ride. If the vehicle came with run-flat tires from the factory, the automaker usually tunes the suspension to offset the rougher ride. Cost: Run-flat tires are more expensive to replace.
  • Are run-flats more expensive?

    Run-flat tyres tend to cost at least 50% more than their standard counterparts, with some costing twice as much. Like standard tyres, the cost depends on the brand you choose and the size of tyre required.
  • Do BMW M cars have run-flat tyres?

    For the new BMW M3 and M4, all tyres are non-runflat tyres and the entire chassis setup is optimized with that type of tyre.
  • Can run flats blowout?

    NASCAR run-flats are designed with multiple air chambers and liners -- if the tire is punctured and an air chamber fails, another air chamber takes over the space to maintain contact with the road and prevent the catastrophic loss of control that would otherwise result from a high-speed blowout.8 Jan 2013

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