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  • Ng Sheng Yong
    No, the 2015 mercedes cla 250 comes equipped with run flat tires but there is no spare tire.
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  • How thick are run flat tyres?

    Run flats are constructed using a sidewall insert providing an additional 0.2 inches of rubber to the thickness of the tyre wall. Whilst this doesn't seem like a lot, thanks to this addition, run flats are 5% stiffer than standard tyres.7 May 2015
  • Does 2017 Mercedes C300 have run-flat tires?

    Unfortunately, there is no spare tire under the floor. Instead, Mercedes-Benz uses run-flat tires.9 Mar 2017
  • Is Michelin premier a run-flat tire?

    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S ZP 255/35-20 XL Tire

    The Pilot Sport A/S ZP (Zero Pressure) is Michelin's Ultra High Performance All-Season self-supporting run-flat tire developed to provide temporary continuing mobility in the case of complete air loss due to a puncture for the drivers of Chevrolet C-5 Corvettes.
  • Are all BMW tyres Run Flat?

    In 2009, BMW decided to fit all of its models with run flat tyres as standard. The brand's collaboration with Bridgestone provided customers with improved fuel economy and a safer method of punctured tyre replacement.10 Nov 2016
  • Do Mercedes have spare tires?

    Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is either equipped with run-flat tires, a tire fit mobility kit, or a spare tire. Additionally, your model includes a tire pressure monitoring system complete with sensors in each wheel.8 May 2019

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