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  • Bima Prastya
    WD-40 removes carbon residue and keeps moisture away from spark plugs and spark plug wires. WD stands for Water Displacement, so if your spark plugs are wet or you need to drive moisture away from ignition distributors, WD-40 will do the trick.23 Mar 2017
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  • Where are Denso ignition coils made?

    All DENSO Spark Plugs are manufactured in Japan, Indonesia, China and USA.27 Feb 2020
  • How much HP does a 91 Tune add?

    Premium Member. There is no difference in HP between 91 and 93 octane UNLESS you have had your car tuned for 91 octane but can NOW get 93 octane. Well just putting in the 93 octane won't give you any more HP. You need to get the car retuned for the higher octane gas.10 Feb 2013
  • What does a tune up consist of and cost?

    Spark plugs and wires can be replaced for $40-$150 or more for a basic tune-up, but a standard tune-up can cost $200-$800 or more. This may also include oil changes, a fuel system inspection, and computer diagnosis.3 Dec 2021
  • What is the hottest NGK spark plug?

    Part of a video titled Spark Plug Heat Range - NGK Spark Plugs - Tech Video - YouTube
    NGK spark plugs are available in a variety of heat ranges to work in any stock or modified engineMoreNGK spark plugs are available in a variety of heat ranges to work in any stock or modified engine NGK spark plugs have a simple heat range system to is the hottest. 12 is the coldest. The heat range
  • What is E tuning?

    E-Tuning, also known as remote tuning, is a process of tuning a car over the internet by using datalogs and tuning updates until the car is fully tuned. All areas of the tune are adjusted just like they would be in person.

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