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  • Khairul Adha Harith
    Blisters on the insulator tip, melted electrodes, or white deposits are signs of a burned spark plug that is running too hot. Causes can include the engine overheating, incorrect spark plug heat range, a loose spark plug, incorrect ignition timing or too lean of an air/fuel mixture.
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  • Can I mix spark plugs?

    Misfiring due to excessive heat, quenching, increased fuel consumption and even engine failure can occur from the use of incorrect or mismatched spark plugs, so it's best to replace all of your spark plugs at the same time, and with the correct type of spark plug, to ensure smooth and consistent operation.3 Oct 2019
  • Can spark plugs affect acceleration?

    Malfunctioning spark plugs can result in increased fuel consumption and emissions because of incomplete combustion. The lack of proper acceleration is another sign of faulty spark plugs in a car. This causes the engine to not respond and struggle to increase speeds when the accelerator pedal is depressed.
  • How do you know when spark plugs need changing?

    Not Sure When to Change Spark Plugs? Look for 6 Signs
    1. Your check engine light comes on. ...
    2. Your car has trouble starting. ...
    3. You're filling up the gas tank more often. ...
    4. The engine idles roughly (and you can hear it!). ...
    5. Your car won't accelerate quickly. ...
    6. Per the manufacturer, it's time!
  • Do high performance coils make a difference?

    A high-performance ignition coil enhances engine performance. It allows for a wider spark plug gap, which leads to a more robust first flame kernel at the beginning of combustion, resulting in increased voltage.
  • How much does it cost to tune my car?

    Professional auto tuning can cost anywhere between $200 to $900, depending on the car type and engine. This cost is also generated by accounting for labor and part costs, too. In order to reduce the chances of unwanted auto maintenance, it can help to develop a basic car maintenance schedule.12 Nov 2021

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