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    BMW Head-Up Display Screen $999.
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  • How do you turn on the HUD on a Mercedes?

    Part of a video titled Head Up Display -- Mercedes-Benz USA Owners Support - YouTube
    The button to turn on the head-up display is on the left side of the dash. The display is projectedMoreThe button to turn on the head-up display is on the left side of the dash. The display is projected from the dash top above the gauges a special windshield glass lets you see the display as if it's
  • Does Mercedes C-Class have massage seats?

    Available as a sedan, coupe, or cabriolet, the C-Class has a lot to offer inside. It starts with genuine wood trim and Nappa leather seating to highlight the luxurious aspects of this model. The seats are further enhanced by 14-way power adjustment, heating and ventilation, and multicontour front seats with massage.9 jul 2020
  • Why did all my gauges stop working?

    If none of the gauges work at all, the problem may be a blown fuse or a defective instrument cluster. If the gauges all read low or erratic, there may be an issue with the voltage regulator that feeds the instrument cluster.2 dic 2021
  • Do Speedos have to work for mot?

    If a road test is not necessary, you should only reject a speedometer if it's clearly not working. Speedometers do not need to be lit on: vehicles with no front or rear position lamps.20 may 2018
  • Does the 2021 C300 have a touch screen?

    2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan Displays & Technology

    The 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan comes with a standard 7-inch display and a 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Cluster. Drivers can also upgrade to a large 10.25-inch touchscreen central media display on higher grades.
    31 dic 2020

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