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    It is also referred to as COMAND Online as it can use the mobile broadband connection on the telephone to connect to Mercedes-Benz Internet based services. It allows the running of various downloadable apps (such as Facebook) in the COMAND system. It uses a 7" colour display and has a SD-Card slot.
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  • Do you have to pay for car Wi-Fi?

    Like most things in life, in-car Wi-Fi costs money. If you buy a new car, the automaker will offer a trial period where you can use the service for free for a couple months — just like the free trial of satellite radio or OnStar. Once that time passes, though, you have to pay to keep it.16 Apr 2019
  • How do I find my Mercedes Benz Wi-Fi password?

    Here's how: From the same menu, select Connect Device to Vehicle Hotspot. When the popup screen appears, locate the password for your Wi-Fi hotspot. It should be a collection of numbers and letters.27 Feb 2018
  • How do you get Internet for a Mercedes-Benz?

    Go to the Wi-Fi settings menu in your device and find the hotspot named MB Hotspot. Select it and then enter the password on the infotainment screen. It's really that simple to get speedy and simple connectivity in your vehicle for up to 8 devices.27 Feb 2018
  • How much does it cost to put Wi-Fi in your car?

    How much does it cost to get Wi-Fi in your car? Expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 per month to get Wi-Fi in your car through a built-in hotspot. $10.00–$25.00/mo. $14.99–$49.99/mo.1 Oct 2021
  • How do I install CarPlay on my Mercedes C Class?

    How to Set Up Apple CarPlay in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles
    1. Look for the USB port with a smartphone integration symbol on your center console. ...
    2. Select “Connect” from the infotainment screen and select “Automatically.” This will automatically connect your Apple CarPlay to your Mercedes-Benz going forward.

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