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  • Encik Azman
    Mercedes-Benz GLE

    As is the case with others on this list, it has three Isofix points too, as well as a range of assistance systems which utilise semi-autonomous technology. It also comes with that all-important premium bading plus a sporting drive and plenty of standard equipment.
    27 May 2019
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  • Can you put an ISOFIX car seat in a car without ISOFIX?

    While Isofix is a simpler method of installation because of the in-built indicators, not all cars are Isofix compatible so you won't be able to use the Isofix method in cars that don't have Isofix fittings.
  • Is Isofix a legal requirement?

    Is Isofix a legal requirement? Child seat manufacturers are not currently required to include Isofix mounts with their seats, and so you can buy several that are fitted with seatbelts. Both types of seats must pass official safety tests.29 Sept 2021
  • Where do you put a newborn baby in a car?

    Put the newborn in the center rear seating position as the baby is the most vulnerable in a crash. Put an older forward-facing child — assuming the older child is forward facing — in the center seat since rear-facing children are inherently safer in their rear-facing seat.15 Jul 2021
  • Does 2017 Mercedes C Class have Apple CarPlay?

    Part of a video titled Mercedes c300 2017 Apple carplay to factory screen - YouTube
    So pretty much any feature you have on your apple. Carplay. You can see it on your factory screen onMoreSo pretty much any feature you have on your apple. Carplay. You can see it on your factory screen on the Mercedes c-class.
  • When can a child stop using a 5 point harness UK?

    Convertible seats can then be used with the 5-point harness restraint until your child is 18kg or 105cm, at which point they should move to booster mode. Second, consider what type of installation method will work for you.

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