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    Sat nav and infotainment

    When it comes to infotainment technology, the A-Class is right up there with the current BMW 1 Series on feature count. All versions have at least a 7.0in touchscreen, with sat-nav, a DAB radio and a couple of USB sockets included.
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  • Does Honda CR V have 3 Isofix?

    Unlike its predecessor, the latest CR-V can be ordered with seven seats, and the two rearmost pews are easy to pull up out of the boot floor using straps. However, there are no Isofix mounts for these seats, and it's not permitted to use child seats in the third row or the centre middle-row seat.30 Nov 2021
  • What cars have Isofix in the front seat?

    7 Popular Cars With ISOFIX On The Front Seat (With Pictures)
    • Land Rover Discovery.
    • Audi Q5.
    • Mini Countryman.
    • BMW X1.
    • Audi Q3.
    • Volvo XC40.
    • Audi A3.
    18 Jan 2021
  • Can you fit 3 car seats in a Touareg?

    How many child seats fit in the VW Touareg? It fits three child seats easily!
  • Does Hyundai Tucson have ISOFix?

    The two outer rear seats have ISOFix points that are nice and easy to connect to when installing the child seats. I could only get two child seats in the back of the Tucson as there just was not enough room to get three across. The two fit nicely using the ISOFix and top tethers.
  • Are ISOFIX straps legal in Australia?

    However, it is important to remember that it is still illegal to use overseas child restraints in Australia. To use ISOFIX, your vehicle must have ISOFIX anchorage bars built in to the seats and you must have a compatible child restraint with ISOFIX attachments.9 Oct 2014

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