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  • Hairi Ery
    The Vito Tourer is a minibus, but it's a Mercedes-Benz minibus - so although it has more of a commercial vehicle look and feel than the leather-lined V-Class, there is an air of quality about it.7 Apr 2015
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  • What does GLA stand for in Mercedes?

    The gla in mercedes vehicles stands for gel¤ndewagen.
  • Where are Isofix points in a car?

    How do Isofix mounts work? The system is based around two anchorage points at the bottom of the car seat backs. Usually they're fitted only to the outer rear seats of the car, but you may also find them on the centre rear seat, or the front passenger seat.7 Apr 2017
  • Can you use Isofix in middle seat?

    If you wish to use the middle seating position in the second row, you can still fit an ISOFIX compatible child car seat in the middle position by using the vehicle seatbelt and top tether strap. It is not recommended to have aftermarket ISOFIX low anchorages fitted.
  • Are ISOFIX straps legal in Australia?

    However, it is important to remember that it is still illegal to use overseas child restraints in Australia. To use ISOFIX, your vehicle must have ISOFIX anchorage bars built in to the seats and you must have a compatible child restraint with ISOFIX attachments.9 Oct 2014
  • How do I add CarPlay to my Mercedes C Class?

    How to Set Up Apple CarPlay in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles
    1. Look for the USB port with a smartphone integration symbol on your center console. ...
    2. Select “Connect” from the infotainment screen and select “Automatically.” This will automatically connect your Apple CarPlay to your Mercedes-Benz going forward.

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