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  • Khairil Hisham
    Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon: Models and equipment. With this package Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto compatible smartphones can be integrated into the car via USB.1 Feb 2022
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  • How do I get navigation on my Mercedes?

    How to Use the COMAND® Mercedes-Benz Navigation System
    1. Pressing the voice activation button on your steering wheel and saying “Enter Destination”
    2. Speak the address aloud when prompted, and the navigation system will confirm the address, and you can correct destination. If correct, say yes.
  • Can you fit 3 child seats in a Mercedes GLE?

    Part of a video titled Can it Family? Clek Liing and Fllo Child Seat Review in the Mercedes ...
    There's three and you can find them just behind the seats.MoreThere's three and you can find them just behind the seats.
  • Can you stand up in a Mercedes Vito?

    6ft wide (can sleep across the van), fits (just) in a car parking space, you can stand up in one, much more van than a T5 for the money . . . converting one now . . . very happy with the choice compared to a VW . . . Vito's are rear wheel drive.
  • Is Isofix standard for all car seats?

    ISOFIX has been standard on all new cars since the mid-2000s so if there is a high chance, your car will have it fitted. Originally ISOFIX had the two anchor points but some cars also have a top tether point – usually on the back of the seat.23 Mar 2022
  • How do you check if my car has CarPlay?

    To find out if your vehicle has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto you can either look through the user manual or do a Google search for the year, make and model of your vehicle. You can also plug your phone into your car's main USB port (unless it has a wireless dock) and look at the menu on your screen.23 Feb 2021

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