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  • Stanley Cooper
    ISOFIX is the international standard for child car seat fittings in cars. It is a metal attachment that is built into your vehicle's seating by the car manufacturer. This attachment matches corresponding ISOFIX 'fingers' found on children's car seats designated 'ISOFIX seats'.
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  • Is the G-Class getting a facelift?

    A facelifted version of the tough-going Mercedes G-Class is set to arrive in 2022, and it looks to receive a mild refresh ahead of the brand's first electric G-Class - named the EQG - that is due to arrive in 2024.25 Jan 2022
  • Which Mercedes SUV has touch screen?

    Mercedes-Benz GLC
    Mercedes-Benz GLC: design. The GLC can now be controlled intuitively like your smartphone thanks to the touchpad, touchscreen and Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel.
  • Can you fit 3 car seats in Range Rover?

    Good news is, in the second-row seats, there is ample room for three child seats! Also, I could sit really comfortably between two child seats as well and I'm 162cm.
  • Can you fit 3 car seats in a Ford Ranger?

    This means you can only install two child seats in the Ford Ranger using top tether straps, which is a shame for those who need to carry three children in child seats, but an increasing reality as only the Amarok and Navara remain with three top tether anchorages (and the Navara's is questionable).
  • How do I turn on my Mercedes dash cam?

    Part of a video titled How To Use Mercedes-Benz Dashcam Feature - YouTube
    Now most likely you'll start right here at apps scroll all the way over to the right and if you seeMoreNow most likely you'll start right here at apps scroll all the way over to the right and if you see dash cam.

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