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  • Alphonsa Silva
    The compatible car models are the following: Mercedes C-Class W205 2014-2018. Mercedes A-Class 2014-2018. Mercedes B-Class W246 2014-2018.13 Feb 2020
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  • How many people fit in a Mercedes Vito?

    Seating anywhere between 2 and 9 people, the Vito Tourer's floor rails allow the second row of seats to be turned around to face the rearmost seats if desired. Alternatively, benches with two seats can be ordered, as can comfort seats and a 2-2-2 seating configuration.
  • Can you fit 3 car seats in a Tiguan?

    The rear seats are simple and flat, allowing for three child seats to be installed, but the seat base was only just wide enough to accommodate the models we used so if you intend to fit three child seats you'll definitely need to check your chosen models will fit across the Tiguan during your test drive.
  • Can you put a child seat in the front of a car UK?

    Children aged between three and 12, or up to the height of 135cm (4'4”) in the UK and 150cm in Ireland (4'9”), must travel in a child seat placed in either the front or back of a car.12 Jun 2021
  • Is ISOFIX safer than seatbelt?

    Independent tests show that ISOFIX mounted seats are extremely safe. Rather than relying on a belt, the car seat is fixed directly to the child seat base. That means there's less movement in the seat in the event of an accident, particularly a side on impact. The real advantage to ISOFIX is that it's so simple to fit.23 Mar 2022
  • Does Mercedes GLA have ISOFix?

    There are ISOFix points in the two outer rear seats and top tether anchorages on the back of all three rear seatbacks in the Mercedes-Benz GLA, giving you flexibility for child seat positioning.

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