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  • Nor Saiful
    The H2R is still accelerating hard when it trips the speed trap at 194.5mph - nearly 15mph faster than the Bugatti. The video was made by US sports car and bike magazines - Super Street and Sport Rider - and is one of the first to demonstrate the awesome raw power of the 326bhp H2R.20 May 2015
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  • What is the top speed of Toyota Land Cruiser?

    around 190 kmph
    Toyota Land Cruiser easily achieves 150 kmph and can reach a top speed of around 190 kmph.
  • Why is Audi the best car?

    Audi Is a Reliable Brand

    More reliable vehicles mean fewer maintenance issues in the future, higher safety scores, and models you can trust. Browse reliability reports and you'll note that Audi rises to the top of these charts.
    26 Jan 2018
  • Which country has most Bugatti?

    The Chiron exceeds the success of the previous model, the Veyron which sold a quarter of its total sales in the region. He added that the Middle East has “the highest Bugatti density” in the world. He believes Saudi Arabia has “many super car collectors” which the company endeavors to cater for them.27 Nov 2016
  • What does the s on C63 mean?

    The S has more HP, dynamic engine mounts, bigger brakes, electronic rear differential (vs mechanical), options for carbon ceramic brakes, RACE mode, red calipers.
  • What is the difference between C63 and C63 507?

    What's the idea behind the C63 AMG Edition 507? In the simplest terms, the Edition 507 is a more potent C63 in a package that's designed to be serviceable for everyday use. The "507" in name denotes the horsepower of the C63's 6.2-liter V8, up 56 ponies and a handful of foot-pounds compared to the standard C63.5 May 2014

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