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  • Roy Ong
    The Fastest Hondas Ever
    • #1. (21-) Honda NSX Type S. ...
    • #1. (16-) Honda NSX. ...
    • #3. Honda Civic Type R (FK8) With a top speed of 169 mph, the Honda Civic Type R takes joint third place. ...
    • #3. (17-20) Honda Civic Type R (FK8) ...
    • #5. (15-17) Honda Civic Type R (FK2) ...
    • #5. (02-05) Honda NSX (NA2) ...
    • #5. (97-02) Honda NSX (NA2) ...
    • #5. (95-97)
    27 Oct 2021
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  • How much bigger is A6 A4?

    Dimensions of These Audi Sedans
    A4 vs. A6 Exterior Dimensions
    2021 Audi A42021 Audi A6
    Length187.5 inches194.4 inches
    Height56.2 inches57.4 inches
    Width79.6 inches83.1 inches
  • How much horsepower does a S560 have?

    463 hp
    Base S 560 4dr All-Wheel Drive 4MATIC Sedan 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Specs
    Base engine typeV-8
    Horsepower463 hp
    Horsepower rpm5,250
    Torque516 lb-ft.
  • What car can beat a Koenigsegg?

    A vehicle designed specifically to rival the Koenigseggs and the Bugattis. This is especially in the pursuit of the title of being “The fastest car in the world”. The SSC Tuatara has become just that! A new world record has been set by the Tuatara confirming a top speed of a whopping 508kph.20 Oct 2020
  • Which is faster Lamborghini or Audi R8?

    Those superior power specs lead to the Aventador Roadster's equally superior performance numbers, as the convertible is able to hit 62 miles per hour half a second faster than the R8 Spyder while also going on to hit a max speed of 19 mph more.
  • Is the Audi A6 Aluminium?

    Audi has revealed the new A6, that will go on sale in early 2011. The latest evolution of the sedan features an aerodynamic body that makes extensive use of aluminum.6 Dec 2010

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