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  • Zukie San
    Australian pricing for the new-generation 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been announced, with the new C200 starting from $78,900 and the more powerful C300 priced from $90,400. Both prices include GST and LCT, but exclude on-road costs and dealer delivery.
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  • Is Mercedes C350 all wheel drive?

    Performance. With turbo power, nine speeds, and the year-round grip of 4MATIC all-wheel drive, the C-Class has the agility, strength and confidence to match the beauty of its well-toned body.
  • How fast is AMG C43 Coupe?

    Engines, transmission and 0-60mph

    The Coupe will reach 62mph in 4.7sec, and go on to a 155mph top speed.
  • How many miles does a Mercedes C350 last?

    With the roadside assistance cover of 4 years and regular care, the lifespan of a model such as the C350 could be way above 120,000 miles. This figure can follow across to other models, and when the miles are translated back into an average number of years, your Mercedes can easily last 10 years or more.9 Jun 2021
  • Are C43 reliable?

    The most fun car for the price!

    This C43 AMG is definitely the car I have had the most fun in outdo any other car below or around the same price. It's reliable, sporty, fun, and overall a bang for your buck. It's the middle ground between the standard C300 and the bonkers C63S.
  • What does C 300 mean on a Mercedes?

    1 Answer: Tony. So what does C300 mean? The engine size is 2.0, turbocharged, producing 255hp. So 300 does not seem to really mean anything, more like a model rather than number-to-number aligned performance, engine size or any other matching factor.Jan 14, 2020.

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