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  • Sabri Mayat
    Torsion bar suspension, sometimes known as torsion spring suspension, is any vehicle suspension that uses a torsion bar as its main weight-bearing spring. Independent torsion bar suspension uses the same technology, but applies it to each wheel rather than the entire axle.17 Oct 2019
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  • What are the advantages of a torsion beam rear suspension?

    The main advantages of torsion beam suspension are durability, easy adjustability of ride height, and small profile along the width of the vehicle. It provides a longer travel than leaf spring systems, and takes up less of the vehicle's interior volume compared to coil springs.16 Jun 2010
  • How do you get a stuck torsion key out?

    Part of a video titled GM Chevy stuck rusted seized torsion key removal trick - YouTube
    Like this right there with the torsion bar running through it by cutting that notch out it allowedMoreLike this right there with the torsion bar running through it by cutting that notch out it allowed me to slip the key out with the torsion bar on it remove the crossmember remove the sorption bars.
  • What's better ifs or solid axle?

    IFS is simply more civilized than a solid-axle suspension. Because the left and right wheels are not directly connected via a solid beam, there will be less head toss in the cab over rough terrain. The tires and wheels are free to move independently when they encounter obstacles.20 Jun 2013
  • Will 2500 torsion bars fit a 1500?

    The short answer is that 2500 keys will lower a 1500 and because of the indexing 1500 keys will raise a 2500.4 Feb 2004
  • Why do torsion bars sag?

    as you turned it up, you are putting more stress on the torsion bar and eventually it begins to show fatigue and sags down more. it will keep sagging if you try to keep cranking up to the same height. torsion bars are rated at a load its made for at a certain height. Stock engine and trans.8 Feb 2009

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