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    Bilstein – Probably the most famous and known for providing best shock absorbers with the best kinetic energy in it to cruise on any type of roads. The Monotube design ensures top notch performance and comfort. The only downside is the costing part where a pair of Shockers can go in range of rs 50000 of Bilstein.16 Apr 2017
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  • Can you upgrade torsion bars?

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    Like any other spring the toy is a great idea to upgrade your torsion bars when you've added someMoreLike any other spring the toy is a great idea to upgrade your torsion bars when you've added some weight to the front of your four-wheel-drive. Usually in the form of a steel ball bearing winch.
  • Which car has best ride quality in India?

    So, here are the vehicles that offer really good ride quality over bad roads, or rather no roads at all.
    • Renault Duster. ...
    • Nissan Kicks. ...
    • Hyundai Creta. ...
    • Mahindra Scorpio. ...
    • Volkswagen T-ROC. ...
    • Jeep Compass. ...
    • Maruti Suzuki S-Presso. ...
    • Tata Nexon. Tata Nexon XM(S)
    21 Oct 2020
  • How does torsion bar front suspension work?

    As the van rides over a bump or pothole, the force applied to the wheels causes the torsion bar to twist. This absorbs energy from the bump into the torsion bar, which moves the entire chassis to the best height to ride smoothly over the bump.17 Oct 2019
  • How can I make my suspension more comfortable?

    The most effective way to make a car's suspension more comfortable is to make the dampers softer. Using lighter wheels and suspension components allows us to use even softer dampers, giving an even comfier ride with relatively little effect on performance.25 Apr 2020
  • Who invented torsion bar?

    On 10 August 1931, Ferdinand Porsche applied for a patent for an invention that would have an impact on automotive manufacturing the world over: torsion bar suspension. Until that time, the usual chassis designs relied on the use of heavy, protruding leaf springs that still originated from carriage building.

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