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  • Danny Thum
    4WD Suspension refers to the system of springs, shock absorbers, tyres, tyre air, and linkage parts that connect the wheels to a vehicle and allows motion between the two. Suspension systems must support both the quality of the ride as well as the handling of the vehicle on the road.13 Dec 2018
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  • What is the difference between torsion and Detorsion?

    Torsion allows foot to be retracted after the head for better protection of head. Detorsion is reversal of torsion which takes place when during evolution shell is lost or a type of shell evolves that has openings on the opposite sides.
  • Is a coil shock better than air?

    If we were to evaluate both only on performance, a coil shock is superior. That's because an air-spring shock requires tight seals to capture pressurized air. A coil, however, operates without seals because it doesn't have to hold air under high pressure.14 Apr 2022
  • What does a rear anti-roll bar do?

    Anti-roll bars alter the distribution of lateral load transfer between the front and rear axles of car. This is due to an anti-roll bar increasing the amount of force upon the outside tyre when cornering. Due to this, the stiffer the anti-roll bar, the more lateral load transfer that occurs across it.29 May 2017
  • How do I identify my GM torsion bars?

    Look up your torsion bar RPO code on the sticker in the glove box door. That will tell you what you have, if it is original to the truck and still legible. You must log in or register to reply here.9 Dec 2016
  • What are three advantages of independent front suspension?

    In this article, we focus on the advantages of the Independent front suspension system:
    • Superior Handling. While sharp turns, a centrifugal force is created in the sprung vehicles. ...
    • Less weight. ...
    • More stable. ...
    • Added Comfort.

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